Vw Camper Hire Bedfordshire | Vw Camper Sales by Morecambe and Wize

Vw Camper Hire Bedfordshire | Vw Camper Sales by Morecambe and Wize


So you fancy hitting the road in old school style do you?! Well here at Morecambe and Wize Vw Camper Sales we can give you a taste of the real deal without the expense with our Vw Camper Hire Bedfordshire.

Having been in the industry for several years we know a thing or two about camper vans and what it takes to restore on to it’s former glory. In-fact we would say that we go one better than that as we believe our vans are ‘better than new’ as they are updated both in terms of comfort and safety to deliver everything you would expect from a modern motor vehicle – well, a 40 year old one that is!

All our vans go through a rigorous restoration process with many mechanical and electrical upgrades. The engines are overhauled, if not replaced, running gear brought up to speed and all lighting and wiring checked for your safety.  Of course this is only useful if you have a sound body you can also relay on. Most of our Option Vw Campers for SaleBedfordshire and Vw Camper Hire Bedfordshireare taken right back to bare metal, soda blasted and etch primed to ensure we have have the best shell to work with before going to paint.  Once the Bus is built we replace the old camping interior with reproduction Westfalia unitsincluding rock and roll bed, wardrobe, top box, kitchen pod, table and amble storage for all your camping gear. Even the upholstery is upgraded to marine grade vinyl in an array of color schemes; because looking good is important right?! If it wasn’t you’d be off on your holidays in your family estate car.

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We are conveniently located at the gateway to the stunning Lake District where you’ll find a wealth of outdoor pursuits to keep you occupied. Although we find that most people opt for rambles around the lakes and bacon sarnies back at ‘the van’ – after all, ‘home is where you park it’ as they say! Read more about the lake district here.

Want to know more…?  Why not check out Eric, the head of our fleet.


Morecambe and Wize Sale Ltd offer Vw Campers sales Bedfordhsire and Vw Camper hire Bedfordshire and throughout the uk.  We supply fully restored camper vans to the U.K, Europe, Australia and New Zealand. To discuss your project get in touch.