Vw Camper Van Hire Bedfordshire | Try Before You Buy

Vw Camper Van Hire Bedfordshire | Try Before You Buy

Looking for Vw Camper Van Hire Bedfordshire? Read on…We think we have something better than that.

For newcomers the world of Vw Campers and all things related can seem somewhat confusing. It’s easy to mix up your T3 and your T3’s, be confused by Early and Late Bays and become frustrated by the many ‘know it alls’ claiming they own the ‘rarest’ of holy grails that must be purchased, only to drive three hours to find out its a rust bucket. Yep, we know the score here at Morecambe and Wize, we’ve been there you see, that’s why we are offering our Try Before You Buy (TBYB) scheme to give you the opportunity to take a Vw Camper for a spin, get all those silly questions of the way and move forward with confidence knowing you have a sound business partner who’s going to help you get the job done.

So what is TBYB? Well, the simple answer it’s what we are calling our Vw Camper Van Hire Bedfordshire  and throughout the U.K.  So why didn’t we just call it that? That’s because we are offering more than just Vw camper hire service. We know that our customers are buying a lifestyle, an investment, a holiday home, a hobby, even a life’s dream. We want to be part of this dream.  Not only do we offer Vw Camper Van Hire Bedfordshirewe also offer Vw Camper import, sales, service and restoration. We that are confident in our product that we are happy to offer your rental fee refunded* upon placement of a deposit on one of our option program camper vans. It really is a try before you buy. We are hear to help you with planning the layout with our Options Purchasing Scheme, can assist with financing your camper and will even be around for up to 3 years warranty supporton one of our Option vehicles.

But aren’t they all just hippy vans in different colours? Ha! Yes, to some they are, but they are more ‘grown up’  these days.  Come along and see why Morecambe and Wize Vw Campers Vans are a little bit different. Vw Camper Van Hire Bedfordshire just got serious!

*terms apply.