VW Campers for hire in the Lake District |Try Before You Buy by Morecambe and Wize

VW Campers for hire in the Lake District –  Try Before You Buy by Morecambe and Wize

It’s been a few years since the ‘credit crunch’ that saw many uk singles, couples and families having to tighten their belts due to poor interest rates, redundancies, pensions crashes and increasing costs of living. While things are aren’t quite back to boom times just yet, things are looking up, for some anyway. So what’s this got to do with VW Camper camper hire in the Lake DistrictI hear you ask? Well let us continue…

One way many people chose to save a few extra pounds was to scale down the annual holiday. A great British tradition that began in the Victorian times as the rail network grew seeing the more affluent in society take medicinal trips to the seaside to take in the health properties the salt water andSolution Studios Photography, Devon. SOL_41645x7 High Resgerm free air offered. Roll forward to the credit crunch years and more and more people reverted back to what was coined a ‘Staycation’ where UK hoteliers, tour operators and tourism related industries experienced a growth in the UK holiday market as many people chose to take their holidays closer to home. This was Tourism history in the making!  Fortunately for companies like Morecambe and Wize the general trend for frugality continued with more and more people looking to spend less yet experience a more wholesome approach when it comes to their leisure time.

Solution Studios Photography, Devon. SOL_43355x7 High ResFor those of you that don’t know Morecambe and Wize’s history, we’ll quickly bring you up to speed.  In 2006 we cemented our love affair with the iconic VW Campervan by offering our first camper for hire in the Lake District named ‘Bernie’ which was swiftly followed by setting up a franchised ‘hire network’ within the U.K. As this grew so did our popularity and soon the requests to supply restored campers out stripped that of the hire market, so for the next 7 years business was focused solely on the importation and restoration of these classic vehicles. Now in 2015 we are established as one of the countries top suppliers, and we are looking to move into pole position in the next few years. We feel this can only be achieved by listening to our customers and responding to their needs.

With more and more people looking to own their own Staycation option, one question we get asked a lot is “we do love the look of a classic, but what are they really like to own and drive?”.  As many VW enthusiasts will know trying to convey this love to another person can often fall short of words and the need to let people experience these feelings for themselves was highlighted. After a bit of head scratching and chin rubbing we had our epiphany and the blatantly obvious slapped us right in the face – we were going to have to go back into the hire market and let people try it our for themselves. Thus the ‘Try Before You Buy‘ (TBUB) service was launched.

VW Campers for hire in the Lake DistrictTBUB is our VW Camper hire service aimed at those who are looking to “give it a go” while seriously considering a purchase, therefor we currently offer our flagship demonstrator camper Ralph priced competitively at £695.00, for week hire periods only.  What’s special about our TBUB service is that is just that. If you place a deposit to purchase an Option Programme camper van from us within 6 weeks of your hire period we will refund you hire fee! No catches, it really is that simple. With so much stunning scenery in our country and with campsites, facilities and gear getting better every year there is no better time to own a VW camper van.

To find out more about VW Campers for hire in the Lake District or any of our products please visit www.morecambeandwize.com or drop us an email to sales@morecambeandwize.com.

We look forward introducing you to Ralph soon!