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Not far fromMorecambe and Wize HQand boarding Lancashire is the stunning Yorkshire Dales National park. Here, dramatic moorland subsides to rolling green hills separated by dry stone walls, winding country roads and beautiful towns and hamlets characterized by their Sandstone buildings. Yorkshire has been described as gods own country, and we know people can be fairly religious about their VW Campervansso what better way to explore than in a VW Camper!

What to do

We suggest heading for Appletreewick where there is an excellent place to stay by the river called Masons Campsite. There is also a cracking pubnear buy serving delicious food called the Craven Arms.Not far away is the village of Malham where the head to Janets Foss can be found. This is a popular waterfall and beauty spot favored by walkers of all abilities as the short trail (1.5miles) takes you through the woods to the waterfall. Local stories say that a faerie queen named Janet (or Jennet) lived in a small cave behind the waterfall.

About 8 miles south of the campsite is Skipton Castle which is well worth a visit. At over 900 years old it is one of the most well preserved medieval castles of it’s time.  The main castle entrance is through a pair of massive round gatehouse towers, which lead to the center piece of Skipton; a lovely little cobbled courtyard, called Conduit Court, surrounded by a range of domestic buildings.

Consider yourself a foodie? Well boasts more Michelin-starred restaurants than anywhere else in the country (apart from the clogged streets of London and who wants to go there!?). On every street corner there are proper pubs that sell proper pints (no jokes about warm ale please), there’s plenty to do for the outdoorsy types. In fact the only downside for visitors is the secret is out. The world’s largest annual sporting event – the Tour de France – chose Yorkshire as the place for the Grand Départ in July 2014. If you watch the footage form the race you will see many people chose to park up their campers by the remote roads to watch the race whiz by. Some 40 million visitors now travel here every year for heritage-related tourism alone.

Take Heed

During the summer months and peak holiday periods, roads throughout the Yorkshire Dales can become very busy with traffic. Plan extra time to navigate your camper through towns and villages and turn off your air cooled engine if sat in traffic.

The weather, particularly in the wilder parts of Yorkshire, can turn on a sixpence. On any day out you should bring a good waterproof and walking boots. On longer walks, definitely take a detailed OS map or something similar. Do not rely on an iPhone map to guide you as phone reception can be very poor in the national parks. Disconnect from the real world, your touring in a VW Camper!


By’eck, thas a luvely camper” came the cry from the man in the flat cap. But what did he mean? Here’s our guide to the regional dialect:

By’eck = Wow, crikey, I say..
Thas’a   = you have aMTI5NDg0MTE5NDUyMjE3MzE0
Ay up mi duck = hello there
It’s black ovver Bill’s mother’s = looks like rain
Eh’s gorra munk on = he’s in a bad mood
Chunter = complain.
Causey edge = pavement, sidewalk, edge.
Tha what? = what did you say. This can be a threat or a joke
Bobo = horse or pony
Do lally tap = mad as a hatter.
Tha nowse nowt = you know nothing
Thadnoneed ta bother thysen = No need to bother yourself.
Sit thysen dahn = sit down

Basically Yorkshire folk tend or tended to string several words together, drop letters or even whole words in a sentence, or simply make a word up! Try it, you’ll soon get the hang of it and fit right in.

Hire or buy your VW Camper?

Whether you choose to hire our buy a VW camper form us here at Morecambe and Wize, Yorkshire has something for everyone. Our demonstrator model Ernie is fully equipped with everything you need for a short break or a full weeks camper van holiday. What’s more is that if you do hire form us and go on to purchase from us within 6 weeks of your hire period we’ll refund the cost! All our vehicles are supplied with a 3-2-1 warrantyand can be built to your specification with our unique ‘Options Scheme‘. Why not check out some of our previous buildson our website. You can be as reserved or as daring as you like!

Contact us on 0844 879 7265 to discuss how we can help you discover Yorkshire in your VW Campervan.